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What is Virtual Reality for Education

Virtual Reality (VR) has been around for many years, but only in the last few years, there has been an increased interest in VR education and VR training. Whilst talking to different educators around the world, we realised there are still many questions to be answered about VR.

In this blog, we will help you get the basic understanding on VR and how it can be applied to your school, academy or University.

First of all VR is not the metaverse.

VR is not AR nor AI or the blockchain. These terms get muddled up a lot because of their potential impact on the world. So what is VR?

VR is a simulation of the real world, which can be an animated environment or a real life capture. It has to be experienced with a VR headset that gives user the first person perspective and immersion.

Virtual Reality Headset

When we talk about immersion, it means how much do you feel that you are part of the experience. Traditional content is usually passive, e.g. teachers teach with a textbook or schools promote themselves with a video ads that you consume.

The great thing about VR is that it makes you the center of the experience. That is why it is called the empathy machine. The first step is to have a visually convincing experience so you need a VR headset. Here are the most common options:

  • Oculus Quest


  • Pico

  • Varjo

  • Soon maybe Apple too...

The price can range from 6000 euros to 500 euros. The main differentiating factor is the resolution and performance which affects immersion level. The good news is, the affordable options are enough for most schools and universities to take their first steps into this world in order to improve their process.

Application to Education

Deseo VR´s vision is to help educators communicate better their offerings to future students and parents, especially internationals using virtual reality technology.


We help create 360-degree videos or what we call VR experiences that immerse interested students and parents in your school. Imagine, your school has a stand in Hong Kong education fair. You are trying to communicate the fantastic outdoor education that students love at your school. Instead of you just talking and showing a video, now with an Oculus Quest 2, armed with a VR experience of a kayaking trip, the student or parent can experience it for themselves. Afterwards, they will be able to ask better questions that interest them most which will help you engage better with their needs.

Furthermore, you might even want to show your fantastic facilities in VR. In this case, we can help your school create a 3D interactive virtual tour. Inside, you will be able to tell your story, values and vision with interactive points, using photos, videos, links, text etc. The best thing is that you can showcase this on your website, newsletter campaigns, social media, billboards, even VR.


There are different choices for VR education especially in the animated environment. Most of them offer a flexible Netflix type subscription and also customised payment.

For example, for technical courses like medicine or nursing, you should check out Victory XR.

For more generic teaching, there are options like Frame or Educa360 which allows you to access a library of content plus the chance for your teachers and students to get creative with a drag and drop creator.

If you want to build a course with real-life environments, there are platforms which allows you to create interactive 360 videos / VR experiences such as VRTY.

HR Training

There are also VR training for your staff. For example, Bodyswaps use AI and VR to train your soft skills.

There is also Ludus Global, which takes health and safety very seriously and helps your staff train for different emergencies in a safe and realistic environment.


There are many VR use cases for education. The most important thing is to start with the core problems that your school or university is facing. Then with the help of Deseo VR, we can use our knowledge and creativity to guide you to the best possible solution.

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