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Attract Families into your School... Virtually

Colegio San Rafael

In the heart of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria lies a gem of education, Colegio San Rafael, where every student is embraced as part of a loving family. With small class sizes and a warm atmosphere, it's a place where dreams take flight and potential blossoms.

Meet Roberto, the visionary director of Colegio San Rafael, who had a dream to share the magic of his school with the local community. When Deseo VR presented the opportunity to create a lifelike 3D virtual tour, Roberto's excitement knew no bounds.

Why Should School Use 3D Virtual Tours?

The vision was grand yet simple: to craft a virtual journey that would transport families into the heart of Colegio San Rafael's vibrant classrooms and hallways. Real images of the school were paired with 360-degree videos showcasing the daily rhythms of learning, complete with introductions to the dedicated teachers and their innovative methodologies.

In just two days, the Deseo VR team embarked on a whirlwind filming adventure, capturing the essence of Colegio San Rafael from dawn till dusk. From lively classrooms to serene corridors, every corner was immortalized with precision and care.

Polo Lam using Matterport to create a digital twin of a school in Gran Canaria
Deseo VR´s team capturing Colegio San Rafael

Then came the magic of post-production, where 10 days of meticulous editing transformed raw footage into a masterpiece. The 3D virtual tour took shape, adorned with tags that guided families through the school's every nook and cranny. Meanwhile, the 360 videos were expertly stitched together, weaving a tapestry of immersive experiences that brought learning to life.

Giving School a Competitive Edge

The final result was nothing short of extraordinary: a virtual gateway to Colegio San Rafael that transcended barriers of distance, weather, and even staff illness. It was a tool of communication and connection, easily shared among interested parents and their extended networks.

With the click of a button, families could now embark on a journey through Colegio San Rafael, experiencing its warmth, its vibrancy, and its unwavering commitment to excellence. Thanks to Deseo VR, the spirit of Colegio San Rafael could reach far and wide, inspiring hearts and minds wherever they may be.

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