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School VR Experience Success Story

Fyling Hall School

*PC: Click, hold and drag the screen to see all the angles.

*Phone: Move your phone or hold your finger on the screen and swipe. Make sure you turn on the highest quality!

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Robin Hoods Bay, UK 

Fyling Hall School is a private and boarding school located in the national park of North Yorkshire in England. Their students come from all over the world from the age of 6-18 years old. Their day school starts from reception all the way to 6th form. They pride themselves in small class learning and the beautiful natural landscape it is founded on.


Fyling Hall School uses international recruitment agencies and word of mouth in their recruitment. They were looking for a more realistic way of transmitting the school´s family culture and unique student experience. 


Fyling Hall School student and teacher at guitar lesson in VR experience

Deseo VR offered to create a VR experience for the school. This VR experience puts parents in a VR headset to embody as a friend of a year 10 student, going through a day at Fyling Hall School. It featured the day from waking up in the dorm room and having breakfast to going through classes, PE, horse riding in the countryside and night-time activities.


All the time, we focused on the international culture and showing the beautiful scenery of the school. It is also available on YouTube for wider distribution

Fyling Hall School student horse riding in VR experience


1. Objectives of the VR experience agreed

2. Based on discussions with the school a storyboard is created

3. Dates and logistics is agreed

4. Deseo VR´s content creator travelled from London to Robin Hoods Bay

5. 4 days of filming

6. 1 week of intense editing to produce the 1st draft

7. School revised the draft 

8. 1 week of editing to hand in the final draft

9. Fyling Hall VR experience was born

Fyling Hall School boarders playing Monopoly experience

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