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The Best VR Experiences for Education Marketing

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How do VR Experiences help Student Recruitment ?

In-person education recruitment has not changed for many years. It usually starts with talking to a prospective parent or student and ends with the same. With VR experiences, it can be so much more exciting and memorable. Your marketing and admission team, equipped with VR headsets and immersive content will be prepared to deliver the best service. 


Your school or university needs to attract attention and get through the noise during education fairs.

Armed with VR headsets, your team will be able to break the ice with anyone, create thoughtful discussions and make lasting memories.

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What are the Main Features  of Deseo VR´s VR Experiences?

Football players in Deseo VR´s VR experience

Immersive Storytelling

VR is an empathy machine that can virtually immerse prospective parents and students into the shoe of an actual student.

Now, you can build affinity as they become the main character of your school´s story.

  • What is the creation process of a virtual tour?
    Agreement on what space to capture using a floor plan Deseo VR creates a hosting account for the school Agreement on dates when there are no students or little students The school decorate and clean the space Deseo VR captures the space using a Matterport camera Deseo VR uploads the space to the hosting space The school provides all the information and multimedia that they want as interactive points using a Google Sheet Deseo VR edits it and delivers an iframe and URL to the school
  • How can you share the virtual tour?
    Every virtual tour has a unique url which can be shared anywhere on the internet. Great use could be on a newsletter, by Whatsapp or even a QR code.
  • How long does it take to create an interactive 3D virtual tour?
    For a virtual tour that is 1500m2, it takes around a day to film and a day to edit. The actual finish time will depend on how fast the school provide us with the audiovisual content and information to fill the interactive points.
  • Does the school provide content for the virtual tour?
    Yes, the school has to provide information and any audiovisual content they wish to add as an interactive point. This is done through collaborating on a simple Google Sheet.
  • Does Deseo VR have to go to the site to film?
    Yes. This is arranged after the contract is signed and first payment is made.
  • What is the difference between a video tour and an interactive virtual tour?
    An interactive virtual tour allows users to freely interact and walkthrough your facilities. Also, it has the full perspective of the space instead of just a selected angle.
  • How is the virtual tour displayed?
    Your IT team can embed the virtual tour on the website using an Iframe. You can also share the virtual tour with a URL.
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