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About Deseo VR

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The education sector is facing enormous challenges because of lower birth rates, busier parents and frustrated staff. Therefore, our mission is to help schools and universities stand out and communicate more effectively using VR content, taking them closer to future parents, hence, our motto - imagine closer. We specialise in creating 3D interactive virtual tours and immersive VR experiences.

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Visits and Views

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VR Content

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VR Marketing Services

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What is 
3D Interactive  
Virtual Tour   

Virtual Tour is a digital twin of your facilities that is interactive, 3D and online 24/7. It gives prospective parents a contextualised understanding of the school or university. Using our interactive points, you can even tell your story with text, photos, videos and links.

Colegio Brains Matterport Virtual Tour
Polo Lam showing prospective students a university VR experience at a education fair

What is
VR Experience 

VR is an empathy machine. A VR experience can transport interested parents and students to a day at your school or university, in first person perspective, using VR headsets such as Pico 4 VR. Say hello to exciting and memorable education marketing campagins. 

Our Clients

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Schools and Universities across Spain and the UK have trusted in Deseo VR because they know we are at the heart of the future of education. We are connected to education leaders and edtech entrepreneurs across the globe to make sure the education sector has the perfect communication tool so it can bring all stakeholders together, from leadership team, students, parents to investors. 


In addition, our practical, efficient and innovative approach to every project makes the transition effortless.


Just ask our current clients!


Jorge, Director General 

La Salle Maó

A great professional. Impeccable work and great attention to the school. Totally recommended.

Carles director of Instituto RTVE

Carles, Director

Instituto RTVE

We are very happy with the the virtual tour. Deseo VR have shown its seriousness and agility with the whole process. 

More Sectors

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Primarily, we are focused on the education sector because of our close relationships and expertise. Though, VR technology can enhance almost any sector's marketing and communication processes. We know this because we have worked with brands such as BeCordial, repeople and Bstadium which are in the hotel, coliving and even the sports industry. The sky is the limit so join us!

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