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University Virtual Tours Success Story

Universidad Fernando Pessoa Canarias

*PC: Click, hold and drag the screen to see all the angles. Click on another points to move.

*Phone: Hold your finger on the screen and swipe to see all the angles. Double tap to move to another point. 

Universidad Fernando Pessoa Canarias (UFPC) is a private university opened in 2014 with 2 modern buildings situated in Gran Canaria. It specialises in science and medical related courses such as physiotherapy and psychology. It distinguishes itself with its practical teachaing methods and its well equipped facilities that ensures students graduate with real experiences.


UFPC is a relatively new university. It is always looking for innovative solution to improve their brand and communication with the local and national community. This serves as the basis to expand their network and value for their students.

Polo Lam capturing a Matterport virtual tour at UFPC


Deseo VR created 3 interactive 3D Virtual Tours for the university. 1 for the main building, 1 for the innovation center and 1 for the psychology clinic. 

This allows any parents or students interested to study in this relatively new university to explore the fantastic facilities.

Soon, we will also create the 4th virtual tour for their brand new medical school.

UFPC Innovegueta


1. Objectives of the virtual tours were established

2. The floorplan was used for preparation of the filming

3. Dates and logistics were agreed

4. Deseo VR creates a Matterport account for the university

5. Deseo VR travelled from Madrid to Gran Canaria

6. 2 days of filming

7. 1 day of editing to produce the 1st draft

8. UFPC revised the draft in their Matterport account

9. 1 day of finishing all the elements of the virtual tours

10. UFPC virtual tours were born

UFPC psicology clinic Matterport 3D virtual tour

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