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School Virtual Tours Success Story

 Colegio Brains

*PC: Click, hold and drag the screen to see all the angles. Click on another points to move.

*Phone: Hold your finger on the screen and swipe to see all the angles. Double tap to move to another point. 

Colegio Brains is a private school group with 5 campuses in Madrid and Gran Canaria. They take pride in helping students achieve academic excellence using innovative approaches to teaching and modern facilities. The school journey begins from the infant stage all the way to IB. 


Colegio Brains came out of the second wave of Covid-19 looking for an innovative and practical way to show their modern facilities online.  This is because the Spanish government had many restrictions in place which left it difficult for schools to welcome parents to physical visits.


Deseo VR created 5 interactive 3D virtual tours for the school. We used the innovative Matterport software.  

This allowed the school to show the school in the most complete way and to explain their unique education model through videos interactive points. They were also able to introduce key members of staff and call to action points straight to the admission team.

In addition, we advised Colegio Brains to use buttons to open the virtual tours on their website in order to blend in to their design.


Polo Lam at Colegio Brains
Colegio Brains classroom
Colegio Brains video interactive point in a Matterport virtual tour

1. Objectives of the virtual tours were established

2. The floorplan was used for preparation of the filming

3. Dates and logistics were agreed

4. Deseo VR created a Matterport account for the school

5. Deseo VR travelled from Madrid to Gran Canaria

6. 5 days of filming

7. 3 days of editing to produce the 1st draft

8. School revised the draft in their Matterport account

9. 1 day of finishing all the elements to the virtual tours

10. Colegio Brains virtual tours were born

Colegio Brains Matterport virtual tour floorplan perspective

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