VR/360 Video Marketing

*PC: Click, hold and drag the screen to see all the angles.

*Phone: Move your phone or hold your finger on the screen and swipe. Make sure you turn on the highest quality!

Summer Camp - Direct Marketing -

Madrid, Spain

SIS Becas is a Madrid based agency that helps top athletes to obtain a scholarship to study at top US Universities. Every year they host a summer camp/ showcase in the US or Mexico where scouts from each University goes to check these athletes out. Deseo VR helped them capture the event from the perspective of one of their athletes using a 360 camera. This experience is used at their Madrid office during their sales presentation with a VR headset so the recruits and their parents get a first hand experience. This virtual experience helps SIS Becas to communicate exactly what they offer gaining trust and brand loyalty quickly.

Boarding School - Website ,YouTube & Direct Marketing -

Robin Hoods Bay, UK 

University - Website & YouTube, Direct Marketing - Canterbury, UK  

University - Facebook , YouTube & Direct Marketing -

Canterbury, UK 

University - Facebook , YouTube & Direct Marketing -

Canterbury, UK 


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