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What is Education Marketing with VR?

Education marketing is the communication of a school or university´s offer and why a student and their family should choose you over another.

With this in mind,

the objective of education marketing is to be the best school or university and the best in transmitting the message to future families and students.

The simple customer journey

Student Recruitment Customer Journey
Student Recruitment Customer Journey

Today we are going to talk about how VR can slot in beautifully to enhance the customer journey of your school or university.

The Education Offer

All great marketing starts with a great product. Your school and university needs to be the best for the families and student you serve. Before we even start talking about VR, we need to know that the whole organisation is cultivating practices that align with your target audience´s needs.

For example, if your school excels at innovative teaching methodologies, interested families will want to see it in the customer journey. For VR teaching, you should follow John Kelly´s Colegio Ikigai and Pau Guardiola of University of Central Murcia.

VR Education Marketing

Colegio Arenas Virtual Tour
Colegio Arenas Virtual Tour

Here at Deseo VR, we are going to concentrate on how you might fit VR into the later stages of your customer journey.

One of the best way to start is for your school to create a 360 and 3D virtual tour (blog about how it works). It fits perfectly into the beginning of the customer journey when the families first interact with you online.

For example, they will enter your website and explore the digital version of your facilities. Inside the virtual tour, they will gather more information (videos, photos, text, links) about why your school is the best in context of each specific space.

On top of that, because they are taking their time to know the school better, it will have a positive impact on the Google´s algorithm.

VR at Open Days

Going down the customer journey, a family will have liked what they saw on your online presence. They will then ask to visit the school or university.

We can analyse what the current visit process is like to identify where are the opportunities to integrate VR experiences with VR headsets.

Parent experiencing VR experience at a sports field
Parent experiencing VR experience at a sports field

  1. Admission team to identify the most common interest families have and questions they usually ask

  2. Where does the school stand out the most?

  3. Are there activities and events that are very special during the year but cannot be shown?

For example:

  • Headteacher´s office

Headteachers are busy but you want your families to hear from them. It is possible to create a VR experience where the headteacher welcomes the family.


Families want to meet the teachers and see all the great projects students have achieved. Though it is not always feasible to disturb the class and for the teacher to put on a show. In addition, there are many projects and events that take place across the year which might interest the family. Why not capture all these moments and let the family choose what they want to experience in VR according to their interest.

  • Sports facilities

The journey is likely to end up in a sports area. The family might be interested in a sport that it not on display on the day of the visit. Why not capture the best sports that the school offers and let the family live the special team moments that can define a child´s best memories.

  • Internships and field trips

There is no way you can take a family to your last uni trip to New York or a student´s internship experience. Let´s bring this experience to the visiting families.

A scene in Universidad Fernando Pessoa Canarias´VR experience
A scene in Universidad Fernando Pessoa Canarias´VR experience

We are buzzing to know where else we can add VR Marketing to your student recruitment strategy!

Subscribe to our blog to get on top of VR education marketing trends! See you soon.

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