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How does Matterport work for your school?

Schools worldwide are facing similar problems in student recruitment because of low birth-rates, busier parents and global uncertainty. Today, couples are delaying in having children because of economic uncertainty. Not only that, they also work more than ever in order to maintain their lifestyle. Then there are geopolitical situations like Brexit which particuluarly affects state-boarding schools because European students can´t study long term like before.

Overall, there are less students for each school to fight over and so things need to change. How does that relate to Matterport?

What is Matterport?

Deseo VR has been using Matterport 3D interactive virtual tours for 3 years to help schools tackle some of these problems.

It is a US company that was originally setup to digitalise physcial space for architectural purposes. It captures 3D data of a physical space using a special scanner. This data is uploaded and constructed on their cloud armed with a powerful AI called Cortex. Once constructed, you will have a digital twin of your building, in which you can add different elements to it to make it very valuable for your organisation.

Today, it is being applied to many more sectors and one of them is education.

We would also like to announce that all our clients now have the chance to choose the basic or the premium version of the virtual tours we create for you. Here are 2 examples:



What makes Matterport Special?

The one thing that makes Matterport stand out the most is its continuous innovation. It started with a simple 3D virtual tour where you can add interactive points for documentation of the space. Now, there are ways to make AR integration, homestagging and even generative AI.

  • Interactive Points

This is where your school can add photos, videos, audio, links and text to the space inside the virtual tour. For example, in the science lab, there might be photos of the children doing a Busun Burner experiment. Then, next to the digital whiteboard, there can be a video of the teacher explaining the teaching method and objectives of the class.

The more information parents get out of the tour the more trust they get.

Interactive points inside a Matterport virtual tour of Colegio Brains
Interactive points inside the virtual tour

  • Shareable Links

Each virtual tour has its own url link for sharing online. For example, on your newsletter campagin, you can easily include a Matterport virtual tour so parents who have signed up now have a way to explore and share to their close ones what the school is like. As more people own a VR headset, they can even immerse themselves in the school using VR mode on the tour at the comfort of their home.

Matterport virtual tour of Colegio Arenas Internacional
VR Mode

  • Content is King

Today, viral content is key. And the best chance of your school going viral is to make as many content as possible. Creating a Matterport virtual tour with Deseo VR not only gives you a portable virtual version of your school but also different opportunities to repurpose the content. For example, here in this interview, we have included their virtual tour on the B-Roll. Another way is to create many short clips of video walk-throughs of the tour so the school have plenty of content for their social media channels.

The Real Benefits of Virtual Tours for your School

The first thing you need to know is that we don´t sell virtual tours.

We sell the ability for your school to become more competitive, exploit untapped opportunities and have more flexibility against uncertainty.

Imagine two busy parents looking to send their kid

s to a new school. Are they going to do a physical visit at 5 different schools or 1 after comparing them online. The latter is most probable. Now, are they going to choose a school that has a typical testimonial video about how good their school is or are they going to choose the one that has been thoughtful enough to provide them with a virtual tour full of authentic information that helps them decide without spending hours leaving the house.

Imagine the day the school was going to do a open day, your admission officer becomes ill. Well, is there a way where the officer can do the visit online with the parents? If not, is there any possibility that the parents can do an self-guided tour at home? The answer is yes.


The value Matterport virtual tour brings to a school or any educational institution is inmense. If your school needs help integrating one, don´t hesitate to get in touch.

Subscribe to our blog so we can show you more examples of how VR can boost your business! See you soon.

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16 août 2023

Great insights! Learned a lot about what VR can bring to the education sector!

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