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Education Marketing Strategy for 2023

What is your schools´ or universities´ marketing strategy this year? Is it to optimise your website? Is it to open a TikTok account? or Is it to create another video talking about how good your school is?

Boring, boring boring...

That might be the benchmark worldwide but, if you really want to recruit more new students and show off your school to parents who are very used to the typical marketing, you are going to have to think outside the box. First we will identify the common challenges and then discuss the possible solutions for your school or university.

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Common challenges for schools and universities

  1. Don´t know where to start

  2. The school don´t have enough resources

  3. Too busy to think about innovation in marketing

Possible solutions

  1. Identify the most frequent complaints and design a plan to overcome them

Most of the clients we work with don´t know where to start because they are overwhelmed with all the new technologies. Now with artificial intelligence, it will only get crazier. Our best advice would be to focus on the common complaints faced by staff, students and parents.

At Deseo VR, our clients usually find that the admission team or headteacher have to show new families around many times a year and only a low percentage will actually apply. Each visit may last between 30-60 minutes. If 100 families show up, up to 100 hours of work is required only for a few to apply, then it is simply not worth it.

So, we introduced our amazing 3D, 360 and interactive virtual tours. This allows schools and universities to filter out families who are actually interested to book a physical visit. At the same time, the school can integrate interactive points where they can explain exactly what activities take place in each space.

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2. Look for free or cheap solutions

For example, we wrote an article on how to create a free virtual tour using Matterport - read here.

3. Outsource the task

We always meet clients who are too busy and do not have the capacity to be on every trend. This is where Deseo VR come in to the rescue. Our mission is to help the education sector get closer to future families using virtual tours and VR experiences.

For example, the audiovisual team of a University was asked to create VR experiences to take to education fairs. In the end, they had no time. Two weeks later, they found us and we are following the steps of Creating an effective VR Marketing Campaign for Education Events.

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