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How to Make Free VR Experiences for Education Marketing in 2023

In a world where there is Google, YouTube and social media, everyone can be a content creator.

Though, as a student admission officer or marketing team of a school or university, all the information out there might be overwhelming. We know you don't have time to be researching through the sea of information.

Here, Deseo VR will help filter out the best information, so you can start creating VR experiences for your school or university. After all, we are experts in saving your time.

What is a VR Experience?

A VR experience is a first-person immersive story, experienced using a VR headset like Pico 4 VR or Meta Quest 2.

It is an empathetic communication tool that beats videos and photos when it comes to building trust, impact and memories with the user.

How can a School or University use VR Experiences for Student Marketing and Recruitment?

There are several ways a school and university can use VR experiences to communicate with interested students and parents.

Firstly, the marketing team should create an objective. What is it that the current marketing strategy is not able to do?

For example, one of our clients Universidad Fernando Pessoa Canarias wanted to stand-out at university fairs. They wanted to catch the attention of the potential visitors.

A student experiencing a Universidad Fernando Pessoa Canarias VR experience at University fairs
Universidad Fernando Pessoa Canarias at University fair

Another objective might be a school wants to show their unique activities and events that takes place during the year which the parents cannot see during their physical visit or open day.

An international boarding school might want their agents to help foreign parents understand better where they are sending their child.

Feel free to contact us to discuss new ideas.

How is a VR Experience Captured?

Firstly, discuss with the team what should go into the storyboard. Make sure you create the story with the real current student experience in mind.

Using 360 cameras such as Insta360, capturing 360 videos is as easy as filming a video on your phone. Just download the app and start.

Here are some tutorials:

360 camera on a tripod at Cesur
360 camera on a tripod

It is important to have a tripod and keep it in one spot whilst capturing a scene.

Remember, the camera is the parent or student experiencing in first person perspective whatever you are filming.

How is a VR Experience Edited?

For Insta360 you can either edit it on the phone app or download Insta360 Studio on to your computer. This allows you to stitch the footage from both lenses together into one video.

Here are some tutorials:

How is a VR experience deployed?

To deploy a VR experience on a VR headset, simply import the edited 360 video onto the computer and use a USB to connect the computer to the VR headset. Then drag and drop the file into the VR headset.

Here are some tutorials:

Need Deseo VR to Guide your School or University?

Contact us: and we will help your school or university create VR experiences.

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