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Differences between a Matterport virtual tour and Google Street View

Many clients ask us, what is the difference between Matterport virtual tour and Google Street View 360. So today, we are here to solve this question for you.


Matterport is a very powerful 3D scanning system which allows you to build an interactive virtual tour of a physical space in a very shot time (aprox. 1K m2 = 1 day). For clients there are several advantages:

  • Realistic 3D perspective

This is important because for you to show your facilities in an accurate way, your customers will want to know where each space is. They want to feel like it is easy to orientate themselves within the space online, leaving no doubts so trust can be built between you and your customers. Besides customers, even communication between you and suppliers might be important. Think of an event where you need them to understand where to put the decorations.

3D perspective of Colegio Brains Telde virtual tour using Matterport
Colegio Brains Telde

  • Interactive points for storytelling

Matterport allows your to put multimedia inside the virtual tour so you can tell a story about your business. For example, if I want people to know what an activity will look like in a specific room, I can put a video inside that room where visitors can click on it and inform themselves. Moreover, you can then direct them to your contact page in order to drive action.

Video interactive points within the virtual tour
Instituto RTVE

  • Versatile 3rd party applications for AR, VR and Metaverse

Imagine hosting a virtual team meeting with avatars in the virtual office. Imagine killing zombies at your favourite restaurant. Or imagine you can guide yourself with a digital map overlay on your phone of a supermarket.

Heatmap Analytics
Heatmap Analytics

  • Advance analytics

For every marketing team, the metrics is key to show the bosses whether their investment is working. With Matterport, apart from the simple metrics such as unique visitors per day, there are 3rd party integration which allows you to see more, such as a heatmap of the most popular spot your visitors have visited.

Google Street View 360

  • Easy to film

One of the biggest advantage of creating a Google Street View 360 virtual tour is that it is easier to film than Matterport. As it is not capturing 3D data of the space and it does not require the space to be free of people, there are a lot more flexibility when it comes to filming. Even if our client prefers to not film their customers in the tour, we can organise the filming so that we film the spaces that are available first, in no particular order.

  • Free hosting

In order for any virtual tour to be online, it needs a server that hosts it. In Google´s case, Google itself does the job and you don´t have to pay.

  • Easy update

Many clients might want the possibility to update the virtual tour without having to pay for the whole service again. For example, a kitchen showroom might have new designs and want it in the virtual tour. Google Street View 360 gives client the chance to do this at a lower cost.

If you are still not sure which option is best for your business, feel free to contact us so we can have a chat.

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