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Why do schools choose Deseo VR?

Happy New Year and welcome to 2023. Fresh start for your school and many more opportunities to educate the next generation.

Schools have been choosing to work with us since 2017 to help them create virtual reality marketing content

Reasons Why Schools Choose Us

👍 Nobody wants to work with a boring company that just wants the client´s money. Deseo VR´s founder Polo Lam is fun, has lived in different countries, love to know the client as a human being.

👍 Just like our virtual tours and VR experiences, we close the physical gap between you and your clients, so do we, with our clients. We serve all Europe.

👍 The job is always done with speed, transparency and quality (most jobs can be done within 1-3 days)

👍 We talk the school´s language

👍 You are first to know new technologies that can benefit the student, teachers and parents (metaverse...🤐)

Client: Cesur, Spain´s no.1 Vocational School

In 2021, we said hello to Cesur on LinkedIn. They told us they have always wanted a way to realistically show their fantastic facilities to future students and their parents. They didn´t want the typical video or photos that shows bits of it and end up like any other competitors advert. At first, they wanted to test out Deseo VR´s skills and capabilities.

So we showed them:

After seeing such a quicker turn around, in the same year they decided to hire us to create a virtual tour for all their centers around Spain. You can see most of them on our website.

We are very transparent with how our work is done. Come with us on one of our trips:

Still have doubts?

Then listen to our client speak:

If you like to work with us on digitalising your school, feel free to reach out and contact us so we can have a chat.

Subscribe to our blog so we can show you many more examples of why VR is good for your school! Bye for now.

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