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Virtual tours for the education sector

This month, Deseo VR participated in an LinkedIn live event, Marketing y Comunicación en

la Gestión Educativa (Marketing and Communication en Education Management) by Revista Gestión Educativa presented by Victor Núñez. An event attended by School Marketing Directors and Headmasters across the Hispanic world.

Challenges in the Spanish Education Sector

They presented some alarming data about Spain current situation in the education sector:

  • Spain 2nd lowest child birth rate in Europe ”1.24 child per woman 2019”

  • High level of competition between public, private and mixed schools

  • Busier parents

With this in mind, schools should be thinking about how to effectively communicate with parents. You may have fantastic teachers or the best facililities but if parents don’t know about it, it is worth nothing. In addition, traditional content such as photos, videos and newsletters are very saturated.

So how do you compete in a world where there are less children and more school offers?

Potential Solution

Virtual tours is an interactive digital twin of your school that allows you to communicate with authenticity the story and the facility to future parents. It is no longer a tool only for the Covid situation.

Imagine, yourself as a busy parent, needing to choose a school for your kids out of the 100s of options. Would you pick a school that only allows you to see a typical promotional video that doesn´t tell you much or a virtual tour that shows you exactly where your kids are going to study, all at the comfort of your home?


👍 Build trust online

👍 Storytelling

👍 Interactivity

👍 Group online open days save everyone precious time

👍 1st step towards the metaverse

👍 Google My Business Compatible

👍 Adapting to the growing number of young phone users

Check out our other examples on our website:

If you are still not convinced about using virtual tours for your school, feel free to reach out and contact us so we can have a chat.

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