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How to stand out at University and School fairs?

Last week we visited a University fair called Unitour to see how recruiters were communicating with students and parents.

We found out that little has changed, they were using leaflets, merchandise and general talk to try and communicate what it is like to study at their Uni.

Obstacles with current Student Recruitment Strategies

Deseo VR at Unitour
Deseo VR at Unitour

👎 It pains us to see that Universities are still trying to attract students using methods from the 1980s. Apart from the laptop and iPad, there has been little innovation:

  1. What can a leaflet provide that your website can´t? Nothing but more carbon footprint when trees are cut down.

  2. Merchandising is a good one when there is genuine creativity behind it instead of just sticking your logo on some fabric.

  3. Humans remember by doing. This means experience. As a recruiter, telling them the same old story about how good your university is does not differentiate you from competitors. In fact, your words will probably blur into one lump of confused memory in the student´s brain after they have talked to 10 other Unis.

New Recruitment Strategies

Founder Polo Lam at Unitour
Founder Polo Lam at Unitour

Deseo VR is all about helping university and school recruiters communicate their unique offer during these valuable and time constraining fairs. After all, our motto is imagine closer.

👍 So here are 4 different ways:

  1. Create a virtual tour of your facilities. Using interactive points, create short student testimonial videos and put them in specific rooms. Create photos slides of different activities that occur in each room. Put links to your contact or application page in each strategic space. Put create a QR code for this virtual tour and put it on you banner or merchandise.

  2. Create a virtual tour of your facilities. Do all the above. Put it on several iPads so interested visitors can visit it whilst waiting in the queue. Taking advantage of service management techniques, you can entertain the crowd.

  3. Create a VR experience, using first person perspective storytelling, a typical day at your university. Buy several VR headsets and have different visitors experiencing exactly what they are going to get if they apply. Imagine how they will remember that after the fair.

  4. Create a VR Experience like above, but instead of a typical day, you can have a category of different courses and events depending on the audience you are expecting.

If you would like to understand better these strategies, feel free to reach out and contact us so we can have a chat.

Subscribe to our blog so we can show you many more examples of why VR is good for business! Bye for now.

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