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How a Virtual Tour can take your Coliving Space to the Next Level?

Boom in Digital Nomadism

Post-Covid has seen a boom in the coliving sector due to the rise of remote work, digital nomadism and company retreats. We see it here in the Canary Islands. Before Covid, there were 3 beach volleyball nets in Las Canteras, Gran Canaria. Now, there are at least 10-15 everyday, groups from Germany, Italy, England, Estonia, Bulgaria and a lot more.

For a digital nomad who jumps from one place to another a lot, transparent, easy and efficient communication is key in their daily life.

The problem is that colivings and other accommodations catered to them are still not using the readily available advanced communication tools like virtual tours.

This leads to time wasted in research, doubts and more chance of disappointment because expectations are not met. Overall, your coliving loses out on clients and their mouth to mouth recommendations.

Virtual Tours will make their life easier

Have you heard of the saying, you help your clients, you help yourself?

It is basic service management, when the clients are clear on what to expect, without having to ask you all the time, this lead to better satisfaction, which in turn could lead to loyal clients and more profits.

Here are 3 Reasons Why Virtual Tours is a Must for your Coliving

Speaking to Nacho Rodriguez, founder of repeople coliving, he told us how he was using our virtual tours:

Transparency: Virtual tours give digital nomads and company retreat coordinators all the essential information about the coliving that they need, all in one place. For example, the company retreat coordinator wants to know if there is a laundry so their team can prepare their clothes better. Inside the virtual tour, they will see where it is, how many there are and what characteristics it has. Now, with more trust without having to wait for the coliving´s email, they are ready to book. You can also add videos testimonials, price information, house rules etc. to help them further. "I'm hesitant on co-living because of the lack visibility" Desmond full time digital nomad

Realism: One thing is seeing some photos and videos, but we all know that it never looks the same when we arrive because of the angles and personal perspectives. The virtual tour gives you a 3D perspective, floor-plan view and a 360 walk-through of your coliving. For example, repeople El Cabo Coliving has a magnificent roof top facing the sea and mountains of Agaete and only a virtual tour can do it justice. With a 100% authentic perspective, expectations will always be met when they arrive. "I am sure virtual tours grants greater confidence to any type of clients who wish to book an accommodation, coliving, apartments or hostels." Gian Franco cofounder CoImpact Coliving

Virtual tour EL Cabo Coliving

Remote Efficiency: Imagine a client asking you how to make a coffee or how to deal with the rubbish. Now imagine this x1000 a year. Worst, you have 3 colivings in different locations. A coliving business serving the most digital native workforce needs to have remote efficiency. Now, with a virtual tour, you will have a video, step by step instruction, detailing all these little but repetitive doubts that the client might have. Overall, we are saving your clients´ time which in turn saves your business´.

If you like to work with us on digitalising your coliving, feel free to reach out and contact us so we can have a chat.

Subscribe to our blog so we can show you many more examples of why VR is good for your coliving! Bye for now.

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