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Deseo VR´s 2023 Conclusion

Happy new year to all our community. Welcome to 2024 where Deseo VR awaits for the bravest schools and universities to embrace the new dawn of education marketing.

At the beginning of 2023, we had 3 big objectives:

  1. Introduce VR experiences for education marketing

  2. Internationalisation

  3. Collaborations with other sectors

VR Experiences for Education Marketing

Ever since the beginning of Covid, we have not been able to introduce VR experiences in any school´s or universities´ marketing and recruitment process. Though in 2023 we knew that the education sector is finally ready again for innovative ideas.

We were called up by a local university Fernando Pessoa Canarias here in the Canary Islands to help them standout at university fairs. So we created 6 different VR experiences, each for a degree that they offer. Here, you can experience it for yourself with a VR headset or the device you are on:

Deseo VR at university fair with Universidad Fernando Pessoa Canarias
Deseo VR at university fair with Universidad Fernando Pessoa Canarias

We also did a survey with every student that tried the VR experience. We found that all 39 of them learned something new about their interested degree. An even more special moment was when one of them couldn´t decide which degree to study and tried both VR experiences:

"That´s the one! That´s the one!"

Filled with excitement, she decided she wanted to study the audiovisual degree.

It fills us with pride that Deseo VR is helping not only our clients but also young people to decide with more certainty around their future.


We have huge ambitions for Deseo VR because we know we have 2 tools (virtual tours and VR experiences) that can take any education institutions to the next level of marketing.

Therefore, we started to reach out and build a strategy with different contacts around the world.

So far, we have been featured in Mexico´s Education Marketing Conference CIMEDU which was attended by hundreds of education owners and directors in LATAM. Our contact Nat was one of the speakers showed one of our proyects during her presentation. This had led to 100 enquiries about what VR can do for their university or school.

Let´s see how many educational institutions in South America will join us in 2024.

Collaborations with Other Sectors

It is true that our main vision is to become the best VR marketing agency for the education sector. Though, we are not naive enough to think that it is the only sector that needs help. In order for VR marketing to really take off, we need to educate as many people as possible so we can all play a part in the evolution of this communication technology.

This is why we have set out to speak to different agencies who are working with sectors who might also benefit for our solution. For example, location scouting is a necessity in the film industry. We can provide virtual tours of popular sets so location scouting agency can help their clients choose remotely, saving loads of valuable time and money.

Other sectors who we are also talking to are construction, restaurants, luxuary villas etc.

What´s the VR Marketing Trend for 2024?

2024 is going to be very exciting for all the schools, universities and partners working with us. Our intention has been the same since 2017, democratise VR technology for as many businesses as possible.

More VR Marketing Ideas for you Every Month, just click here!

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