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About Deseo VR

Our mission is to help brands get closer to their clients using virtual marketing technology. We specialise in creating virtual tours, a 3D, 360 digital version of your school facilities amongst other sectors. What separates us to traditional marketing agency is that we focus on honesty, innovation and practicality so you are always ahead of your competition.

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Open days is an essential event for all schools´marketing and recruitment efforts. Virtual tours allow you to show the facilities during online open days with many parents at the same time without any physical restrictions. Now that is efficiency!


Open Days

Not all parents have the time to attend open days, physical or virtual. This is your school´s opportunity to beat your competitors.  Let them show themselves around by adding essential information and videos on interactive points inside the virtual tour. 

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Save Time

Show the parents the complete perspective of the school to stand out. This is why we also include a 360 video production service so you can promote your current students, unique projects and events. We want the virtual tour to be as realistic as the physical space.

Stand Out

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What is a Virtual Tour


Interactive Information points

Interactive Information Points

 We help you put the most important information inside the tour so interested parents can guide themselves around and be blown away by your strong brand. You can include Links, Text, Images and Videos. 

360 camera

360 Photos

Our service includes individual 360 photos that are taken from the virtual tour upon request. These 360 photos can be used to boost your social media campaigns and website design. 

2D Photos


We also include individual HDR photos that are taken from the virtual tour upon request. This means you are paying for a virtual tour and get the value of a photographer too. 

360 Video Production

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Using the latest communication technology is what is required to attract demanding parents. We can create 360 videos for welcome presentations, testimonials and events. These can be included in the virtual tour.


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Embeding the virtual tour (iframe) on your website will show parents exactly what the school facilities look like. This will give them major confidence and translate to admissions.

Social Media

Social media sharing

Social media is the number 1 platform where clients will interact with your brand. Our virtual tours offer a link which you can easily share on your socials and during your WhatsApp enquiries or email news newsletters.

Google Maps Points

Google Maps

Have you ever pinched and dropped the yellow man on Google Street View? Now, your clients can drop him on top of your school address and explore.

QR code with virtual tour embeded

QR Codes

QR codes have been widely used in Asia to access all sorts of information. We can do the same for you and integrate it with the virtual tour. Great for brochures, business cards and billboards.

Our Clients

He was very professional and patient. What really impressed me the most is that he was always proactive, looking for opportunities to make it work for us. We thought we were only going to get a virtual tour but he really made it into a sales tool for us.

Richard Clarke

The House Coworking


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