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Why Virtual Tours can benefit a Vocational School? Client Success Story

Our biggest client is a vocational training center with schools all around Spain. They had 2 big bottlenecks.

  1. Their students come from many locations, therefore not everyone can easily appreciate their well-equipped and 1st class facilities.

  2. Their students are digital natives.


Cesur approached us for our interactive 3D virtual tour solution, which took their facilities online in a very simple and intuitive way.

What is an interactive 3D virtual tour?

It is a 3D digital twin of the physical space of the school, where you can enter with simple clicks and explore realistically in 360 degrees. It is interactive because there are powerful add-ons such as interactive points or labels. The school can embed photos, videos, links, audio, PDF inside the interactive points, in the context of the exact room or space they are in. This allows the parents and students to get a complete picture of why your academic offer is the best.

A vocational school´s 3D virtual tour
Cesur Virtual Tour

The Process

Our school and university clients will ask us, how do we create these virtual tours?

  1. Firstly, we create a Matterport account for the school. This is where all the virtual tours will be managed.

  2. Using a floorplan of the school building, we establish which spaces we are going to capture.

  3. As an international company, we will plan the trip to wherever the school is.

  4. Usually at weekends or school holidays, we will capture the space when there are nobody present.

  5. Once the capture is done, it is uploaded to the Matterport account

  6. We will then arrange a videocall with the client to start editing the interactive points.

So Far So Good

As of today, we have created 20 virtual tours for Cesur and many more to come. All of them are located on their website embedded with an iframe. They can also share a link with anyone they come across or put it on a newsletter.

Cesur vocational school website with a virtual tour
Cesur Website

As we are always striving to improve, we will also be introducing a high quality virtual tour with a Matterport Pro 2 camera. Here is an example.

Need Deseo VR to Guide your School or University?

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