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Why is VR good for business in 2022?

VR has become more and more common, forming part of the business strategy as we speak and it is no coincidence.

Deseo VR was born in 2017 when our founder Polo Lam was doing his internship in Madrid at a startup that helped big multinationals create VR marketing content. Just like any aspiring entrepreneur, he had a lightbulb moment. It was after his experience being part of the team that filmed Atlético de Madrid Football Club´s VR experience. His biggest contribution was capturing Fernando Torres´s final goal before moving to their new Wanda Metropolitano Stadium.

Polo and his team getting ready to shoot a VR experience
Polo with his team shooting VR Experience at Atlético de Madrid

For Atlético de Madrid, their fans can relive that amazing moment again in a first person perspective using a VR headset at their museum, a timeless treasure.

The Challenge

Polo realised that not every business has the millions that Atlético de Madrid can spend, so he made it his challenge to figure out how to take this wonderful technology to all types of businesses. He knew that the technology will become more and more accessible, and this is exactly what happened.

Why is VR good for business?

The short answer is simple, today in 2022 any business can create a ¨timeless treasure¨ like Atlético de Madrid did. This treasure is not just a show off content, it is impactful and practical. Research by the University of Maryland suggests that users of VR experiences with a VR headset can improve memory (recall task) 8.8% compare to using a 2D desktop.

For example, SIS Becas, a small US sports scholarship agency hired Deseo VR to create their first VR experience of their annual Summer Camp in the US. We captured the whole student client journey, from the perspective of the student. This was then used during their sales presentation with an Oculus headset to the parents.

As you can imagine, the parents experiencing exactly how their child will spend their time in SIS Becas´ camp will help persuade them to make the final purchasing decision. During their evaluation process, the parents are more likely to remember what SIS Becas have shown them then other companies.

This is just one example of how our client has benefited from using VR in their business strategy. If you are interested in the long answer, you will have to subscribe to our blog so we can show you many more examples of why VR is good for business! Bye for now.

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