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About DESEO Virtual Reality

Imagine there is no more boring PowerPoint presentations and you can virtually transport potential recruits, students and clients into your organisation. More clarity, excitement and flexibility.


Deseo VR creates memorable and informative marketing and recruitment content with interactive 360 videos and virtual tours. We work with hotels, boarding schools, summer camps, HR consultants, coworking spaces, digital marketing agencies and many other businesses. In the midst of the "new normal", this can complement remote work so your business can continue selling, training and collaborating online with less cost and more flexibility.

What is a 360 Video?

What is a Virtual Tour?

A 360 video is a recording of several scenes in 360 degrees that allows your audience to see authentically what you offer. It is best experienced with a VR headset because it gives the most empathetic impact. 

A virtual tour is a digital twin of a physical space. This allows students, employees or clients to virtually familiarise themselves in your facilities. It is a great tool for online presentation and training.

Increase Brand Affinity

The next best thing to a real-life experience is a virtual reality one. This is because the user can gain first hand perspective on your brand. Now, you don´t just tell the brand´s story but let the user experience it, gaining brand loyalty.


Imagine a Hong Kong student stepping into the shoe of a UK student´s life 10000 km away. Imagine being able to realistically train your new recruits with interactive 360 videos so they learn quicker and perform better.

Overall, when your new employees are attached to your brand the same way the clients are, selling or recruiting becomes very easy. 

Virtual Presentation

Social Media

Social media will no doubt still be a fundamental part of the marketing and recruitment strategy. With Gen Z getting more content on their screens and less attention span, virtual reality can catch them out. On Facebook for example, 360 video ads are getting 2x more engagement*. This means creating VR content about the day to day of your brand will increase your chances of reaching more audience whilst investing the same.

Deseo VR will help you get creative with VR content whilst combining with your existing strategy.

QR code represents a huge opportunity for your marketing campaigns. It is a technology that has been used successfully in the East for many years and here we can take advantage. 

Deseo VR will use QR codes to bridge the virtual and the physical marketing efforts. This means all your brochures, business cards and billboards can deliver 360 videos and virtual tours in the blink of an eye. Scan our QR code now!

Codigo QR

Why invest into virtual reality?

Long gone are the  times of boring PowerPoint presentations. Now, we are talking about virtual reality collaborations, virtual conferences and "at least" Zoom.  With the rise of remote work encompassing every industry, virtual reality tools enable you to sell, train and collaborate. It is not about being flashy but practical and flexible with your strategy so you can protect your organisation from any future global uncertainties. 


Deseo VR can guide you to transform your marketing and recruitment process virtually. Next time, on your video conference, you will be walking clients or new recruits in a virtual tour whilst in your comfort of your home. 

Our Projects

One of our virtual tour projects is Paloma Beach Apartments. They use virtual tours to show off their holiday apartments and facilities on their website. They also published them on their Facebook page which gained a lot of positive attention. 

One of our 360 video projects is University of Kent. They created their first 360 video with Deseo VR so they can show it with a VR headset at international university fairs and open days. They also put the video on their Facebook and YouTube page which has amounted to 27000 views to date.

What do clients say?

Nuestros Clientes

I worked with Polo and his team to produce a fantastic 360 video of Fyling Hall School. They are a pleasure to work with! Flexible and creative as well as cost effective. Thank you, Polo, very happy to recommend Deseo VR 🙌

Angelique Russell

Fyling Hall School, Whitby

Head Of Marketing

"The quality and inventiveness of Polo’s work are impressive. The 360 VR student experience video that he produced for Kent enables us to showcase the University to an international audience in a really engaging and immersive way and it has generated a lot of positive attention. Reliable and easy to work with, I would certainly recommend Polo to others."

Nathan Crouch

University of Kent, Canterbury

International Recruitment

We are a virtual reality company that creates virtual tours and 360 videos. Our mission is to help businesses become more effective in their communication both externally and internally. 



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